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Women's Tzitzit

Women's Tzitzit

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At Netzitzot, we create tzitzit designed for female bodies because we believe that mitzvot should be accessible to the entire Jewish people.

Netzitzot was born from conversations--conversations with people who have never considered wearing tzitzit, people who have worn tzitzit for years, and people who want to fulfill the mitzvah of tzitzit and felt alienated from a garment that does not fit them.

​The gemara in Menachot 43b teaches:
חביבין ישראל שסיבבן הקב"ה במצות: תפילין בראשיהן, ותפילין בזרועותיהן, וציצית בבגדיהן, ומזוזה לפתחיהן

​“Beloved is Israel, for the Holy-Blessed-One surrounded them with mitzvot: tefillin on their heads, tefillin on their arms, tzitzit on their clothes, and mezuzot on their doorposts.” We are inspired by this gemara, by its description of gratitude for mitzvot and its expression of how a life rich with sacred customs creates a feeling of mutual belovedness between the Jewish people and God.

Tzitzit surround the wearer in all directions, creating an image of mitzvot cascading from one’s being. They embody a life in which Torah overflows from every corner.

The Shulchan Aruch (Orach Chayim 8:4) writes:
מחזיר שתי ציציות לפניו ושתים לאחוריו, כדי שיהא מסובב במצוות

​ “One should have two of the tzitziot in front of oneself and two
in back, so that one should always be surrounded by mitzvot.”

​ May we merit being a community that is alway מסובב במצוות,​ surrounded by and attached to mitzvot.

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