Make mitzvot beautiful. That’s the concept of “hiddur mitzvah” or beautifying the Jewish commandments. Here at Read & Rite, we curate beautiful and inspiring Jewish ritual objects to enhance your practices. Beyond hand-crafted tallitot and mezuzot, we also have spiritual practice cards, yarzheit candle holders, original art prints, amulets, and more. We specialize in ritual objects that celebrate queer, feminist, gender-inclusive Jewish identities. And when you want to learn more, explore our collection of thought-provoking Jewish books from the Reconstructionist Press. 

Read & Rite is a collaboration between Ritualwell and the Reconstructionist Press, both initiatives of Reconstructing Judaism. Reconstructionists approach Judaism—and life—with deep consideration of the past and a passion to relate it to the present. Applying our understanding of Judaism as the evolving religious civilization of the Jewish people, we draw from the rich wellsprings of Jewish tradition to face the challenges and opportunities of the current moment.

For Reconstructionist congregations: Please contact us via the Contact Us form or at readandrite@reconstructingjudaism.org, to receive your congregational discount on Reconstructionist Press book orders.

Your purchase from Read & Rite supports Ritualwell, Reconstructing Judaism, and our many Jewish artists. Thank you!