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D'vorah Horn

Omer Practice Deck: Connections #14

Omer Practice Deck: Connections #14

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This set of Omer Cards, created by artist D'vorah Horn, is meant to be used for viewing/study/inspiration and as a guide for an intentional practice.  

The card set is an adaptation of D'vorah Horn's painting, which consists of 49 separate panels constituting one painting. Each panel was painted on handmade paper with acrylic paint. There is a hidden “pocket” within each panel made from leather sewn into the paper. While on display small objects, such as feathers, can be added to the painting to create an ever changing dynamic. The overall dimension of the completed piece is 45.5” high x 42.5” wide.

From D'vorah:
"For fifteen consecutive years I have created a painting based upon a practice known as “Counting the Omer”. The practice has ancient Biblical roots as well as contemporary adaptations. It involves a ritual counting which spans 49 days, seven weeks of seven days: considered to be the time of wandering in the dessert after liberation from slavery, until receiving the revelations at Mt. Sinai. It has evolved into an intentional practice, a period of intense introspection and spiritual growth.

For my paintings I have adopted the practice of connecting the “Counting of the Omer” to the seven principles of the Divine in Creation according to Kabbalah (these are known as the “Sefirot”). Focusing on the attributes of the Sefirot becomes a daily meditation and intention, resulting in the creation of one panel of the painting for each day. Each panel in this painting is accompanied by a Haiku. 

As an artist, this daily intentional practice is reflected in the final painting used for this guidance deck entitled Connections."

Product specifications:

  • Card deck consists of 51 cards.
  • Cards size: 4"X6"
  • This product is made and printed in the U.S. Support local print shops with your purchase of the Omer Cards. 

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