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Christina Mattison Ebert

High Holiday Art Prints

High Holiday Art Prints

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High Holiday Trio

Keep the beauty and meaning of the High Holiday season all year long with this set of three giclee fine art prints inspired by Rosh Hashanah (11"x14"), Yom Kippur (8"x8"), and the festival of Sukkot (8"x8"). Each image is printed on archival-quality fine art paper. The following artist's descriptions accompany each piece:

Rosh Hashanah  With this image, I attempted to capture the exquisite, beckoning call of the shofar. For so many of us, the sound of the shofar is a soul-stirring call to both contemplation and action. Its sound is a sensory tradition that marks the edges of the most meaningful season of the Jewish year. To honor its uniqueness, I incorporated a mix of hand-drawn elements and patterns pulled from Southeast Asian textiles. I chose these bold patterns because, despite the simplicity of the shofar's call, the symbolism of its music is beautiful and complex.

Yom Kippur  "Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future," states American writer Paul Boese. There is generally a sobering, brooding air about the days leading up to and the day of Yom Kippur, as we are charged with intense self-reflection (and perhaps a bit of proverbial self-flagellation) in the pursuit of atonement. It's a heavy task, but at the end (if we choose) we can look forward to a clean slate of opportunities to improve ourselves. I wanted to focus on that moment when, having trudged through the murk of our humanness for ten days, we can look forward into the future and know that we have every chance to be better.

Sukkot   The Hebrew in this image translates to: "the festival of Sukkot, the time of our gladness." I wanted a light feel to this piece after the gravity of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. The palette taps into the celebratory nature of Sukkot, the eight-day festival that involves spending time outdoors in a manmade hut (the sukkah), enjoying the wilderness of our backyards (however tame they may be). Depicted are the etrog (citrus fruit) and lulav (a collection of willow, myrtle and date palm), used in the celebration of Sukkot.

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