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Let's Make a Shpiel!: Purim Game

Let's Make a Shpiel!: Purim Game

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Created by Hila Ratzabi & Adva Chattler of Reconstructing Judaism

Let’s Make a Shpiel!
A Wacky Purim Game for Ages 10 to 110
On Purim everything is topsy turvy. It’s a mitzvah to have fun: the sillier the better. A traditional Purim shpiel is a funny play. With “Let’s Make a Shpiel” you’ll act out characters in Jewish history, perform bizarre scenarios, answer Jewish trivia questions, give commands in Gibberish, and make ridiculous noises … all in the name of mitzvah! “Let’s Make a Shpiel” is a recipe for hours of fun! 

Guess Who? From biblical figures to famous Jews in history, act out the character on your card. Teammates have to guess the character. 
Smarty Pants Test your teammates’ nerd level with Jewish trivia. 
Fill ‘er up Fill in the blank… with a twist. Read the quote on your card without saying the missing word. Act out the secret word on your card that rhymes with the missing word. Your teammates must guess the secret word.
The Crown “Thou Shalt…” Get your teammates to perform a command you give in Gibberish (nonsense, made-up language). You can’t mime the action, just give the command.
The Jester Make the other team laugh by acting out the scene on your card, using the three words on the card in your performance. Other team has to try not to laugh. If they laugh, your team gets a point.
Sound Machine Get your teammates to guess the word on your card by making sounds. You can’t use words or your hands.

150 cards (25 cards in each category)
1 custom-made six-sided die
1 instruction card
1 game box
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